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Updated:  VMSHL has released some real dates, and they are later than in previous years.


Here's what we're expecting for Junior Ghosts Hockey in 2020-21.     

Please -- spread the word to any Westford player you think might be interested!     We don't want to miss anybody.


-- Open to Westford boys and girls in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

-- Teams will be formed in late October and entered in the Valley Middle School Hockey League  (Link here.)

-- Teams will be assembled based on number of players at each level.  Some grades may be partially or completely combined with others.   There will be no body-checking at any level.

-- Tuition is $300 if you sign up by October 25 and $325 thereafter.   This includes:  jersey, socks, 12-14 games in VMSHL, and at least one practice.

-- The VMSHL is a "supplemental league," meaning that they are aware that your child already plays on another team.   They try to schedule games at non-peak times, usually Sunday or Saturday evenings.   If your child's other team is a regular VHL team, they know this, and they also try to specifically avoid scheduling MS games that conflict with your regular VHL games.

-- The season typically begins with a "parity jamboree," and this year it appears to be shortly after Thanksgiving.   Each team plays 2 mini-games (10 mins, I think) against different opponents in an attempt to set initial parity seedings for the season.   There are usually 3-4 parity groupings for each level in VMSHL.   Adjustments do get made during the season.

-- Real games should begin in mid-December and run up to Feb vacation.   In the past there have a been bye weekends, but that may not happen this year due to the late start of the season.  All teams make the playoffs, which are single-elimination and run over Feb vacation.

-- We schedule a practice for each team before the jamboree, to hand out uniforms and get the team up and running.   We attempt to schedule another 1-2 practices throughout the year, based on team interest and ice availability.   This doesn't always occur due to everyone having commitments to other teams.    All scheduled MS practices are always optional for players.

-- In the past, we have invited the Westford Academy Varsity coaching staff to run our kickoff practice, and they have attended, along with a bunch of their players.   It is looking promising that they can attend again.

-- Due to COVID, please note that all things are of course subject to change.   


We hope you're interested!   Please sign up, spread the word, and we will see how the teams are shaping up at the end of October.





by posted 10/07/2020

1-0 win over Burlington for the 6th Grade Championship!

by posted 02/20/2017
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